Trouble Sleeping or wake with neck pain?

Trouble Sleeping or wake with neck pain?

Think simple.  Go to bed with no neck pain but wake with pain? What caused it?

Thinking simply has solved most of my problems over 50 years.  People are taught all answers are complicated.  The truth is the simple answer is most often the correct solution.

Go to bed without a problem but wake with one gives a hint as to the solution.  What did you do when sleeping?  Use the same pillow each night.  Did you fight it to get support?  Did it keep its support all night? What happens after you get the head support and start to sleep; does it squirm away? Do you wake to re-support the pillow? How often do you do this each night?

Research finds many people re-support their pillow from 20-30 times each night.  This tossing and turning cause you to get the wrong support several times during the night.  Your movement throughout the night has several effects on you each morning.  You wake tired, your neck in pain, feeling like you have not slept, and dissatisfied with your bed and pillow.

TV ads show you the answer is a new mattress but that can be expensive.  If the mattress was the answer, why do you still need a pillow?   Could it be your pillow?  A sized sleeping pillow could be the answer.  Less expensive than a new mattress!

Total head support

Soft comfortable head support

After 25 years, our many happy clients have found the answer to their personal sleep problem with a custom sized sleeping pillow.  It reduces the tossing and turning to less than 10 turns each night allowing the body to get healthy during sleep.  Neck muscles relax, neck pain gone.

A simple solution again solved the sleep problem.

A simple custom fit, round roll pillow, by Align-Right, comfortably, fits and supports the head and neck in alignment; reducing tossing and turning because of the custom fit.

Don’t confuse all issues by overthinking them.  Look for simple solutions.

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