Sleeping & Alignment

Sleeping in Alignment = Healthy Spine = Healthy Body

When a spine is in alignment, it is healthy (the basis of chiropractic philosophy). The body’s natural ability to fight disease and pain is not impaired. The foundation of a sound and healthy sleep is found in the cervical spine forming our necks. Keeping our neck in alignment with the rest of our spine during sleep prevents interruption of life’s energy forces and maximizes the natural innate ability of the body to heal itself every night.

‘By sleeping in alignment your body heals each night and the mind De-Frags (condenses storage space), allowing more space for new information each day.”


Good posture allows free- flow of healing energy to all body parts

“The Align-Right Pillow lets you lay in a position that feels relaxing, relieving of tension and it feels “so good” to you, that means your posture has just been adjusted in such a way that your energy can flow up and down your spine the way it is meant to. This will create a state of health and well-being. This will energize you to be able to cope better with the stresses in your life.” Gail C, Energy Healing Teacher, Ontario

Video on the Spines Nervous System.

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