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The first perfect sleep was recorded almost 2,000 years ago when the Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep from his scholars.   They perfected a hard head support starting with wood and it slowly has been made in many hard materials like this porcelain head support.  Only the well off could afford this perfect support as it needed an adjustment by the scholars as their bodies changed over time.

They had to make an inexpensive head support for the regular people.  This husk filled pillow worked but it had to be adjusted nightly.

A Hard head support and a husk filled pillow for the masses

For centuries the hard head support was the solution to perfect sleep.  Modern science has proven that perfect sleep leads to a healthy and long life.  Could this be the reason for so many Chinese and Japanese living into their 100's.   Far more than any other culture in the world.

Could you sleep on this type of hard head support?

The hard head support worked perfectly because all Chinese and Japanese slept on wood platforms. This support had two flaws: first it had to be made for each person (from small to large) and it required adjusting weekly as the body developed; gained or lost weight.  This development proved that the head support was the solution to perfect sleep.

Today we sleep on mattresses requiring a head support that conforms to us and our mattress. We need a modern sleep device that was designed like the Emperor’s pillow giving good support to the head and neck while conforming to our chosen mattress.

Some of the parameters necessary to make a modern head support are;

1.Size and weight of the head – heads vary in weight (8-15 lb. on average) 

2.The length of the neck - very short to very long   necks

3.The shoulder width - small shoulders to very wide shoulders

4.The preferred sleeping position – side sleepers and back sleepers (some stomach)   

5.The body support (mattress) – air beds, water beds, foam, spring, soft, firm.         

6.Comfortable support – needs to be comfortable for less tossing and turning.

7.Each person requires a size for them – charts so they get proper support 

The Align-Right Pillow Company took the time to figure all these parameters, including finding a way to measure everyone’s sleep triangle and put them into 2 charts; side and back sleepers.

This modern sized sleeping pillow compares directly to the hard head support for deep healing sleep because it is sized for each person and works with the modern mattresses.

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