Sleep and the Science of Sleep

Sleep and the Science of Sleep

I just finished reading the magazine “The Science of Sleep”.  It hinted at New Research, Solutions to fall asleep faster, No more sleepless nights. 

It basically regurgitated the old research from the last 50 years with several modern twists. Nothing really new. 

Like; Watch your foods, check your body clock, Watch your naps, check your melatonin levels, clean your bedroom, make your room dark, change your evening habits, relaxation techniques, do a self-body scan, add essential oils to your routine, try yoga, massage your ears, consider behavioral therapy, and the list goes on and on.  None made common sense.

All the studies are done by researchers trying to get a paper published.  None did the research on what everyone uses for sleep.  The head support.

The latest sleep study, shown on TV, showed the researchers having many people with wires attached trying to sleep on bed pillows.  All had bed pillows.  What is the common factor in this study? 

The Head Support was proven centuries ago as the answer to perfect sleep.

See the research on pillows and head support by the founders of the modern sleeping pillows.  They spent 25 years finding sizes to fit everyone, found a way to measure everyone’s “Sleep Triangle” a space to be filled each night by a support device, developed charts for side and back sleepers.  They did the research, the clinical testing on pain reduction, developed 5 sizes and a way to give soft comfortable support so everyone gets a great sleep.

A Universal Sleep Support System

Their common sense solution was a design change to the shape of the modern bed pillow.  A round roll in sizes to fit, and support, in comfort, the head weight, keeping the head in alignment with the body, so the brain can check and help heal all our body organs nightly.

Get your sized sleeping pillows that fit your “Sleep Triangle” so you get a great healthy sleep nightly, at



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