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Do I really need to sleep?

Drug companies have been trying and testing ways of keeping you awake.  They want to help, as many people complain about; "not enough time to get jobs done" "no time for the family"' “If I did not sleep I could get more done". 

Would a drug help keep you awake or cause you to get sick?

Looking at several studies on keeping aminals awake until they died.  We find the simple fly dies several weeks earlier than normal.   A larger study found when larger animals were not allowed to sleep and they all died from organ failure.  The researcher performed an autopsy on each upon death and found all the organs shut down causing death.  WOW is sleep important!

These studies indicate that the body organs must receive healing from somewhere during sleep.  The brain is the only organ that does not sleep.  Could it be sending healing to all organs during our sleep.  How and when would it do so?

Analyzing this along with my sleep studies I found the reason for the sleep cycles is for the brain to heal all body parts.   By going through each sleep cycle the brain checks all organs for help needed and sends it on the next cycle.

This nightly check works when the brain has unrestricted communication with all body organs.  The brain communicates to our body through our neck which makes neck alignment necessary for our health. 

When the Chinese Emperor (2,000 years ago) demanded perfect sleep, his scholars proved that the head support was the answer to perfect sleep. 


Today's pillows must align the head with the neck but there is a new obstacle confronting pillow makers; the mattress.  A mattress is for body comfort allowing the different parts of the body to sink to its comfort level.  The Emperors hard head support will not work with soft mattresses.  A support must now conform on both sides; your head weight and the mattress.

There is only one shape that compresses on both sides evenly and that is round.  All body parts are made of parts of curves therefore a round roll would fit the body and the mattress.  The Align-Right sleeping pillows are round and sized to fit your body structure making it the right pillow to sleep on.

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