Sized Sleeping Pillows

Many bed pillows are now coming in sizes but they are all Square or Rectangular as most people have never used anything else.   Bed and mattress makers know about body structure but since people think bed sized pillows work for sleeping they sell bed pillows.

Also no one could figure out how to measure people for a pillow.  It took over 10 years of studying before we found a way to measure people for a sized sleeping pillow.   After finding the “Sleep Triangle” and a way to measure it, we had to test it for several years before making our sizing charts for Side and Back sleepers.  The one parameter we could not measure was the individual’s personal mattress used each night.  So, all our sizes are based on a medium firm mattress.

Studying research on the Chinese Emperor pillow we found that the head weight was centered on the Ear.   The top tip of the ear now gave us a way to measure back sleepers and showed us how to get the proper head support for sleeping. 

For side sleeping; the ear must sit on top of the head support.  Those with longer necks would angle the pillows into the neck and drop the ear on top.

Back sleepers would tuck the pillows into the neck, but not under, and allow the head to settle into the head support allowing the ear to rest on top of the sized pillow.

Over time people’s body and/or mattress change. 

This was found when the richer Chinese wanted their personal Emperor’s pillow and had to get the pillow adjusted as they gained or lost weight.   The scholars had to add or subtract the padding often depending on how the person changed.

This sizing lead to the body structures on our charts.  Small, Medium and Large body structures.  

Now the charts were complete and with the addition of our Extra Large and Extra Small pillows we have a complete “Sleep Support System”.  

This sizing charts allow everyone from very small to very large to select the proper size pillow for their personal sleep position and mattress.

Charts available on our web site “”

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