Relax, Relieves, Reduces

relieve shoulder pain

Our working at a desk or on a computer forces us to use our neck muscles supporting our head in many overstretched positions causing tightness and pain.  After a long day, we need to stretch and relax our neck muscles and to do that you need a round object.  The Align-Right Sleeping pillows are round and sized to help you get the necessary stretching you require for your size body structure.  Many times you dont get the time to stretch during your waking day so it is nice to stretch and relax when going to sleep. Each size pillow is designed to;

RELAX  – neck and shoulder muscles

RELIEVES – tension/pressure around the neck

REDUCES – stress on the spine

When you are relaxed and tension is relieved you find you can now get a good deep sleep and feel great in the morning.

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