Practical Way to Sleep

Centuries ago the solution to practical perfect sleep was proven to be the head support.

When the Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep, his scholars found a head support was the answer.  This hard head support became the Emperor’s Pillow that was used for centuries in China, Japan and other countries.  This hard product required adjusting by scholars when a person gained in body structure and only the wealthy could afford this.  

When the masses demanded perfect sleep, the scholars designed a husk filled bag that they could adjust nightly with no extra costs.  This bag also was hard product to sleep on and only worked on hard surfaces just like the Emperor’s pillow.  Research found they all slept on wood platforms or hard surfaces therefore the hard head support worked.

With the modern beds, the hard support would not work, the bed manufactures started making pillows for the masses by using the husk pillow as an example.  They made them in bed sizes, Regular, Single, Twin, King, and Queen.  None were designed to fit and support any body structure.  Everyone had to figure out how to mangle, fold or scrunch these bed pillows into a head support. 

To give the perfect sleep demanded a new design that had to conform to modern beds yet give good support to the head weight. 

Several modern scientific studies have proven we receive healing during deep sleep.  Understanding how, and when the body would receive this healing took years of research.  Brain studies along with doctor studies of the body show that communication with the brain had to go through the neck.   This led to the head support being important to sleep.  Supporting the head weight while conforming to all the types of beds, mattresses led to a unique shape pillow. 

This round shape worked because it conformed on both sides.  When the head weight, centered on the ear, was supported compressing the pillow while the body sank into the bed mattress.  This round pillow worked when fitted to the individual.  This round roll became the modern replacement of the Emperor’s pillow but it had to be made in sizes.

Then the problem became, how to measure everyone for their size pillow.  Research led to a way to measure everyone and put that information into charts for side and back sleepers.

The only practical way to get a great deep sleep is to use a pillow designed to fit your sleep habit, your body structure and your mattress. 

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