Perfect Sleep; Is it possible?

Is sleep that important for us to want “Perfect Sleep”?   CNN News in 1998 proclaimed “Poor Sleep the #1 health problem worldwide”.  Their researchers found that without sleep we develop illnesses, organs start shutting down and we die.  Today’s researchers are proving their researchers were right.  A recent research found that any live animal would die if sleep was withheld.

Here are his words from Scientific Ask the Experts: Biology: (on the internet) “Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominant disease that is invariably fatal after about 6-30  months without sleep. FFI is probably misnamed because  death results from multiple organ failures rather than sleep deprivation.”

His study was trying to make another point, “Lack of sleep won’t harm you”.

Is there any recorded history of anyone getting a perfect sleep?  I found the first recorded perfect sleep was in China when the Emperor demanded perfect sleep from his scholars.   They designed the Emperor’s Pillow that was used by the well-off for centuries.  This head support was made of a hard material which gave perfect support to his head while keeping his neck in alignment with his body.  This hard head support, by working so well, proved that the head support was the answer to perfect sleep.

Chinese Porcelain Pillow Head support

Sample of Emperor’s Sleeping pillow

Hard support worked well on hard surfaces but would not work on softer surfaces, like mattresses.  To accommodate the soft mattresses, we found a round support was the only form that conforms on both sides.  This is necessary to fit and support the head weight while compressing directly under the head weight giving the perfect support for sleeping.  As you sleep, your body sinks into a mattress and the pillow must compress into the mattress to the same degree as the body sinks.

The Emperor’s pillow was made to fit each person and had to be maintained as the body grew or changed with time.  This was an expensive product for the common people, so the Emperor’s scholars designed a simple bag of husk fibers to give them the perfect sleep also.   Every common Chinese then slept on this bag as they could adjust it nightly as required.  Remember no soft mattresses just hard surfaces.

Chinese Husk Pillow

Sample Husk filled Pillow

This bag of husks leads to our modern day; bed pillows.  The modern bed pillow must be folded, scrunched, tucked into our necks for head support.   Because of the bag design, it returns to its square bag shape often causing the sleeper to re-adjust the support often throughout the night.  Many people wake to do as often as 20-30 times each night; therefore, not getting a deep sleep.  They get sick, turn to the medical system for help and receive drugs which the body rejects, causing more illness until they die.  Research has proven the human body should last for 100 plus years.  Poor sleep is cutting us short.

Modern scientists have proven that sleep is more important than food.  During sleep you rejuvenate, the body receives healing during the deep sleep process.  The brain is so busy during our waking period that the only time it must help you is during your sleep.

The brains main purpose is to keep you healthy and to do that it requires you to sleep!  During sleep it checks all your body parts for help required; it then formulates the healing chemicals and sends them to the parts needing help.  During this time, it also defrags all electrical communication it received before sleep.  Everything you see, everything you hear, smell, feel, all are electronic in nature and the brain sorts this out, files everything and condenses it freeing space for more info the next day.  Without this condensing; all thoughts become scrambled,  you get confused by the simple things and have trouble thinking.

To reach deep sleep we must use a head support as proven by the Emperor’s pillow.  Deep sleep is the most important part of sleeping and to get there you must be in a comfortable position with your head supported in alignment with your body, so the brain can check all body organs during this deep sleep cycle.

When you start to sleep you enter a short REM cycle where the brain checks to see if you need more of its sleep chemical.   Once this chemical takes effect, the brain sends a signal to all organs in your body to report their condition.  After getting reports from all body parts it returns to a REM cycle where it keeps you semi-awake.  It then turns its resources into opening files on healing and de-fragging as required.  It then sends you back to the second-deep sleep cycle where it sends the healing information to all organs.

If you reach this first deep sleep cycle, (some take all night to reach this deep sleep cycle) but do not enter the second deep sleep cycle, the brain is wanting to keep you healthy will cause you to want to sleep.   This tired feeling can be overcome with a short nap allowing the brain to complete its need to heal you.

The REM cycle is like a controller in a computer.  It handles information in the background while keeping other programs ready for instant use.   REM is very important to all life as it allows the body to stay aware of dangers while accessing all internal files as necessary, preparing them for necessary help.

If you don’t get deep sleep often your body parts start shutting down and over time you die.  Yes, it is that simple; you die.  As you develop an illness you seek medical help, but drugs can’t heal you as the brain fights anything that is foreign to its natural state.  Drugs can offset the symptoms but only sleep can heal you.  A good example is a common cold.

You develop a cold if your immune system becomes weak.  If you are not getting the healing help from a deep sleep, your immune system becomes weak and your brain can not do what it is required to do to keep you healthy.  The brain then causes you to develop a cold thereby forcing you to sleep.  With a deep sleep, the cold is gone by morning.  (All colds are a 24-hour virus, bacterium)

To reach deep sleep it comes back to the head support; the pillow.  The modern head support must be easy to use with very little adjustments which keep us awake.  It needs to compress on both sides, to support the head weight and to the mattress.   Only one shape could do this; round.  Research led us to sizes of people and how to measure their sleep support required.  This lead to charts for easy selection.  Developing 5 different diameters of sizes, we found the round sized pillow gave a perfect sleep each night.

Universal Sleep Support System

Example of sizes

Once we found sizes, we had to find the filling.   We selected a Hollofill fiber because it could give support and could be easily maintained.  Maintenance of your pillow is important because pillows have been proven to be the carrier of diseases worldwide. (Study on pillows Fungal Spores)


Special Fibers

The special fiberfill has to be rolled and put into the sized round cases by hand.  Each size requiring a different amount of support.  Back sleepers required a specific size while side sleepers had different requirements.

The round sleeping pillows had to fill modern requirements because of all the types of mattresses and beds used.

The modern requirements of a good sleep device are:

Comfortable – If you are not comfortable you will have trouble sleeping.

Easy to use – It should require very little adjusting to fit your body structure

Must conform to your mattress – Round is the only shape that conforms on both sides

Must support your unique sleep position – Sizes to fit and support your head weight

Pillow and Slips

5 sizes Align-Right Pillows

The Align-Right Sleeping pillows do what the company is named for “Aligning the head Right with the body each night”.

Sizing is difficult as we change over time.  This is the one thing we can not control.  As we grow, our body changes, we are not the same size at 10-year-old as we are at 30 or older.   If we gain or lose weight, we may need a different size.  Changing your mattress support can change how your pillow support works.  Changing from a back sleeper to a side sleeper or vice versa could change your support.

Being able to select your size from a chart allows you the option of change as you change.

Pillow Charts

Sizing Charts

Below is some research and more on our site.

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Researcher report “Lack of sleep won’t harm you”.

Sizes and Charts

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