Knee Pain

Best Pillow for Knee Pain

Knee pain can be traced to an injury, overweight or spine problems.  With any of these causes the body can help through sleeping in alignment.

An injury must be allowed to heal and healing comes during sleep. Keeping the knee in a comfortable position relieving the pressure allows the inflamed muscles to heal.

If overweight is the cause then sleep can help by allowing your body to relax through not tossing and turning.  A pillow sized for your body is a necessity.

Spine problems need a chiropractic adjustment to align the spine.  Then to assist the treatment you must sleep in alignment which allows the body to relax and restore healing to the muscles around the spine correction.

All healing takes place during sleep. Sleeping with your body in alignment allows the brain to send healing help.

Many people found using a round pillow under the knee takes pressure off the problem.

The round shape of the Align-Right Pillow fits the curve behind the knee and takes the pressure off the muscles allowing them to heal.


“Recently I had a knee injury and used the Align-Right Pillow to keep the knee in the proper position without pressure in the leg. It fitted the contour of the knee just great! Can’t say enough about this pillow. I missed it when I slept as it helped my low back also. I needed to buy another one!” Steve F.,

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