Is Sleep Apnea Really A Poor Pillow Problem

Through research, I have found many articles written by many medical doctors on sleep Apnea but none know where the term came from. During my search on pillows and health-related subjects, I came across an article on Sleep Apnea.
A marketing company in California over 20 years ago was approached by an inventor of the air machine wanting them to find a way to sell his air machines. They came up with the term “Sleep Apnea”. Since then the medical association saw a way to increase the incomes of their doctors so they worked on getting it named as a serious disease. Selling the idea to the government controllers was the big step making it a recognized health problem. It hit the newspapers stating that over 40% of sleep problems were sleep apnea problems. This took up a lot of space in the paper, but the research reporter was given about a one-inch square in which he stated “why the hoopla as Sleep Apnea only affected about 0.1% of the population. Have not heard from him again.
Over the 20 years, we have had reports from pillow customers that they throw away their air machines. Many say they or their spouses reduced the snoring and did not need the air machines. How the pillows worked was explained to us by a dentist who makes appliances to reduce snoring. It related back to sleeping on the right size pillow keeping the head and neck supported properly.
A warning to ALL who have been diagnosed with “sleep apnea”!!!
The insurance companies have now included “Sleep Apnea” in their exclusion clauses.
This now gives them another chance to “Not payout on your insurance policy”.
Whenever you renew your policy you must declare that you have/had “Sleep Apnea”. In case they can get a doctor to say you died of “Sleep Apnea”.
As you get older and your memory slips, will you remember “Sleep Apnea”?


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Keeping the head supported reduces snoring

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