Can't Sleep? Solve Your Problem!

Can’t Sleep; Do you want to solve your problem?

Answer these questions:

Are you tired?

Do you use a pillow on the bed?

Do you mold it into a support for your head?

Does it squirm away during the night?

Are you waking to mold it again and again?

Do you toss and turn more than 5 times during sleep?

If you answered yes to more than 3 questions, then you have a pillow problem.

Science has proven that during deep sleep your body organs receive healing, or they develop an illness.  Without sleep, you die.  Just a science fact.

One researcher found large animals died if not allowed to sleep. Your life gets shorter with each night you do not get deep sleep.  Researchers who study the common house fly found, that fly’s die about 3 weeks earlier than normal if not allowed to sleep. Yes, even a fly sleeps as all animals must sleep or die.  We are human animals and without deep sleep, our lives are shortened.

There is a simple solution to your pillow problem.  Buy a scrunch-less pillow that stays under your head without it squirming into another shape.  There is only one shape that does not change; a round roll.  Each roll is designed to give soft comfortable head support and fill in your “Sleep Triangle”.

After solving my wife’s sleep problem with a round cylindrical pillow we found others needed a round pillow also.   After years we developed 5 sizes of round pillows forming a unique sleep support system.

Universal Sleep Support System

Example of sizes

This system was developed to accommodate all the different body structures in people.  After developing this system, we found we had to find a way to measure everyone. We found “The Sleep Triangle”, the area that each person must fill with support each night to reach deep sleep.

Developed a measuring device, tested it several years, made small adjustments, and finally put the information into charts for side and back sleepers.

Today you can simply buy your size sleeping pillow from our unique charts.

Get yours at and stop your tossing and turning, start getting deep sleep.

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