Can’t Sleep: Wake up, see what is keeping you awake.

Can’t Sleep: Wake up, see what is keeping you awake.

This is how we found our bed pillows were giving us headaches, neck pain, and stopping us from getting a good sleep

For generations, our parents and theirs threw bed pillows at us and told to work with them to get to sleep.  These were square shapes and constantly returned to their square shape forcing us to wake, fight, fold, scrunch them back into our required head support.  All night, every night, just to get a good deep sleep.  When we folded it right and received a good sleep, we felt better, were happier, pleasant to be around, went to work in a good mood, and the day went well.

When we did not fold, them right, we woke with headaches, feel grouchy, were not happy, felt like we needed another sleep.  The day did not go well.  Made mistakes, snapped at people, even our loved ones. The day became a long day.

We started wondering if it was the bed pillows; so we started using the therapeutic pillows and others on the market; with no success.

It slowly dawned on us, it was the bed pillows causing our sleep problems when my wife’s headaches/neck pain became stronger and we sought medical help.  The doctor prescribed pain killers.  After many repeats and increased prescriptions, I went to a pharmacy to fill the ordered drugs.  The pharmacist looked at the drug and kindly asked “How long does she have to live?  The drugs were killing my wife!  I did not fill that prescription.  I told her what the pharmacist said.  She went to work and told her Chiropractor what the pharmacist said, and he said; It must be your pillows, make your own.

After thinking about all the shapes of pillows tried; we went with a round shape.  Most doctors suggested (for a neck problem) sleep on a rolled towel.  We tried large and several sizes and they all worked somewhat, but none lasted the night,  nor could we get a repeat each night.  Luckily Judy knew how to sew and we made a roll design estimating her size shoulders. 


Now the filling became important:

Foam – did not work, gave off a smell, could not be washed or dried.

Feathers were out as they were too soft and not allergy-free.

Fiberfill – polyester fibers – so many types, grades, fluffy balls, in rolls, but could be machine wash and dried.  Now we found a high-quality Hollofill that we could now make into a roll design giving a great sleep each night. 

We were committed to making the great sleeping pillow because after solving her problem, she told others about her pillow solving her sleep problems and they wanted one for their sleep problem.

In making pillows for them, we found everyone needed a different size for their body structure and sleep positions.  People were so happy they started writing testimonials of their results using their sized sleeping pillow.

Like; no more morning headaches, reduced or eliminated snoring, shoulder pain is gone, neck pain is gone, Fibromyalgia eased while sleeping, migraines gone, arm/hand numbness and tingling is gone, and many others on our website (

With most testimonials stressing pain reduction; we approached the Chiropractic college in Toronto (CMCC).  They did a study on pain reduction using our sleeping pillows.

In 1998 they published the results in their JMPT; Amazing and sad.

93% significant pain reduction – with 13% becoming symptom-free.

75% reduction in pain drugs

The sad part was when they tried to compare their test results to other studies worldwide, they found “No other studies of pillows for pain reduction”.

We asked what about the pillows sold as therapeutic?  Their answer was “they are only therapeutic in design”.

Awaiting the test results, we developed 5 sizes to fit people from 4ft to 6ft 6 inches.  Many were side sleepers and back sleepers who then went home and slept on different mattresses.  We can not control what mattress you use.

With the test results, we became the only pillow in the world that had the right to be called a “Therapeutic Pillow”.

Today after 23 Years and many new pillows on the market; we are still the only tested pillow on neck pain reduction.

We still make each size by hand, using a special technique and our Specially formulated fiberfill. 

Over the years we found answers to the many questions not studied by the health Doctors.

The answer to why we sleep, the necessity of a sized sleeping pillow, how to measure people’s sleep space (we call it the “Sleep Triangle”), developed easy to read charts to get your size sleeping pillow,

Other questions, when answered are all blog topics.

Was there ever recorded a perfect sleep? 

Emperor’s pillow proves head support answer to sleep.

Why did the round sized pillows work on all types of mattresses?

Why was the correct size necessary for each person?

How did a round roll work?

How could we measure everyone for a sleeping pillow?

Why did the bed pillows cause sleep problems?

How to inform people that a round roll pillow would solve their sleep problems when they have been using bed pillows for generations?

Slowly over 25 plus years, I have found answers to many questions but not the answer to “How to inform people about the pillow problems and the solution.”

Still working on it.

Jim Blondin

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