Best Sleeping Pillow Proven

The best sleeping pillow has been proven over 25 plus years by Consumers and Professionals

The Align-Right Pillow Company is highlighting the 25 years it takes time to make products that work

It started with solving Judy’s very serious neck problem waking each morning in pain.
A sized pillow was the answer to solving her neck problems giving her a great sleep

Judy Blondin

Her sized sleeping pillow

After many testimonials on pain reduction, it was given proof through an

Independent Clinical Study, Proven Pain Reduction and Published JMPT

JMPT Journal copy

Independent study on Pain reduction

Independent Clinical Study

Showing Test results at CMCC

Over time they developed 5 sizes to fit and support all body structures in all sleep positions

Universal Sleep Support System

Example of sizes

They did not use Foam, they found that a Special Hollofil gave comfort and support.

Special Fibers

Logo from Dupont

After many years they found the “Sleep Triangle” that everyone must fill to get a great sleep each night.

Sleep Triange

Drawing of Sleep triangle

Ruler to measure Sleep Triangle

Ruler designed to measure peoples Sleep Triangle

Designed a measuring device to measure “Sleep Triangles”

Align Right Pillow Sizing Chart

Charts for selection of sizes

They developed charts for side and back sleepers

Easy to select your size for a great sleep.  Get your great sleep today.

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