Best Sleeping Pillow in the World

The Best Sleeping pillow in the world

How can we claim this?  It sounds outrageous!  Yes, it sounds like we don’t know what we are talking about.  There are thousands of pillows in the world so how can we claim to be the best in the world?

Let us look at facts:

We solved one ladies sleep problem in 1992 and have been helping others with sleep problems for over 25 years.  In 1996 an independent clinical study was completed on the effectiveness of the Align-Right Pillow reducing chronic neck pain.  Amazing results proving pain reduction.  The clinic found “no other pillow in the world had ever been tested on pain reduction”.

The Align-Right Pillow, due to its clinical study can be claimed as a  ‘Therapeutic Pillow’ and covered under comprehensive insurance plans, usually with a medical doctor’s prescription.  Many manufacturers will claim Therapeutic Pillow, but it is not a true Therapeutic Pillow unless a clinical study has been done.

Health Note: Testing not required.

Now my research became a passion.  Our sleeping pillows were designed to solve one neck related sleep problem but then it started helping many other sleep problems.  Many problems doctors say can’t come from a sleeping pillow as only drugs can solve these problems.  Research and consumers reports state that drugs made things worse.

Having read many books on sleep from many professionals I found that each book has different ideas relating to sleep problems:  help with prescription medication, ideas to check your Circadian rhythm; adjusting food and drink before bedtime, dark room, no brain stimulation with TV or electronic devices.  To me, none made common sense.  One mentioned using a feather pillow to scrunch to fit and support your head.   This lack of understanding of what a pillow is for lead me to start researching history on sleep.

In the Encyclopedia Britannica, I found that the first Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep from the many scholars he controlled.  They found a hard head support with a hole for his ear and shaped to fit him was the answer to perfect sleep.  This was the development of the “Emperor’s Pillow” which now over time became the pillow of choice for those who could afford it.  Each hard head support had to fit everyone, so they had to be adjusted as a person grew; this was costly.

Emperor's Pillow and Husk pillow

Sample Emperors pillow and Husk filled Pillow

Common Chinese wanted a good sleep also, so his scholars designed a bag filled with wheat husks.  This head support could be adjusted as required with no cost.   This simple head support became the norm and lead to the common bed pillow.

Common bed pillows were never intended for sleeping but to make the mattress look good.  As we grew our parents gave us a bed pillow to learn to use to sleep.  They did not know the importance of a pillow to sleep.

Modern researchers have proven that without sleep our body organs shut down and we die.  This research was intended to prove that we don’t need to sleep but it proved that without sleep, we die early.  Other research found even the house fly died several weeks early.  All life needs to sleep.  Now I had to know why sleep was that important.

If the head support was the answer to sleep; what happens during sleep?  What did supporting the head have to do with our health?

Research became very technical, Chiropractic and Massage therapy, X-rays, sleep cycles, brain, and skeleton research all played a part in understanding the purpose of head support and sleep.

Blood Flow to Brain

Picture of Blood flow to the brain

Everything connects with the brain through the neck vertebrae.

During sleep, the head must be supported in alignment with the body because the brain checks all body parts nightly for help required.  During this deep sleep, the brain gets feedback and develops the healing chemicals from the vitamin and mineral sources we intake during the day.  Without this feedback, the brain cannot send help to the required sections of our body.  A sized head support is necessary to keep you in alignment during sleep, so the brain can keep you healthy.

Your health revolves around how good a sleep you get each night and a sleeping pillow designed to enhance your sleep is important to your health.

The Align-Right Sleeping Pillows are designed in sizes to fit and support all body structures, all sleep positions, on all types of mattresses.  We found a way to measure people’s “Sleep Triangle” to custom-fit each body structure.  Now, these sizes can be found on an easy to read chart based on your predominant sleep position and body structure.

Many of our clothing items are bought in sizes to fit you: socks, shoes, clothes but not your most important thing for your health; your pillow.  Now everyone can sleep better and live healthier after buying their personally sized sleeping pillow.

Yes, it is the best Sleeping Pillow Worldwide, with proven clinical testing on pain reduction and over 25 years of consumer and professional testimonials of people now sleeping better and receiving help with their many sleep-related problems.

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