Best Pillow for Fibromyalgia

“Best pillow I have, and I have tried every pillow under the Sun”.  Fibromyalgia Support

“I have a condition known as Fibromyalgia.   My left arm was going numb while sleeping and 95% of the time I awoke with a headache, sore neck and shoulder.   This pillow has reduced the numbing and my neck feels pain-free in the morning.  The headaches are almost non-existent.  I feel wonderful!  Thanks, Align-Right.”        Cathy H., Waterloo, ON

Fibromyalgia is a medical condition known for chronic pain throughout the body, accompanied by tenderness around the joints, muscles, tendons and soft tissues. There is no specific, proven cause for Fibromyalgia.  The condition is believed to be associated with an amplification of the brain’s pain sensors, causing an increase in painful sensations felt throughout the body.  The Align-Right pillow’s comfortable, custom-fit support, keeps the body from moving long enough for the person to reach deep sleep (stage 4); where the brain can start reducing the problem or occurrence.

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