Bed pillows cause Poor Sleep

When I was small and could not sleep, my parents said; try this pillow or that pillow.  I learned to use a bed pillow for sleeping but over the years I learned that bed pillows came in sizes for beds or mattresses.  Was I a king size, Queen or just a normal size?  Each had to be scrunched or folded just right or I did not get a deep sleep. After not sleeping for several days, my immune system grew weaker and I caught a cold.  This lasted several days.

As life leads us on, I married and over time found my wife had a sleep problem. After tracking it for years, back to the bed pillows, we used.  She tried all modern therapeutic shapes.  All caused her more problems, nothing solved her neck problem. She worked for a Chiropractor and he suggested she make her own pillow; suggesting a round roll.  Other medical doctors also suggested a rolled towel to sleep on.  Towels were not the answer as they came in sizes, needed fluffing before sleep, had to be rolled correctly, held together with an elastic causing hard spots.

Having been raised correctly by a mother who taught her to sew, she sewed a round pillow.  We estimated the size she needed, and we worked together to make a round roll that now required filling.  What filling and how much took many trials and time as she had to sleep on each trial.

Once she was sleeping without neck pain, she told some friends who then wanted one made for them.  Now the problems started.  They were different sizes.  Large, medium and small were developed and tested by her friends who told of surprising results after sleeping on their sized pillows. 

I found that after sleeping for years on my sized pillow I did not catch colds.  Others found relief of sleep problems, doctors told them it could not be solved with a pillow; but it did.  Testimonials came in showing help with Neck Pain, Back pain, Shoulder Pain, Headaches, Snoring, Fibromyalgia and many other problems just using a sized sleeping pillow.

We did not know of the many sleep problems caused by bed pillows.  Understanding took many years, and much testing through trade and craft shows in Ontario.  We developed sizes for very short and very tall people.  Since each pillow was made with a special fiberfill, they were adjustable in size, for those not fitting into the standard sizes and to accommodate the new breed of mattresses. 

These 5 sizes now gave us a Universally Adjustable Sleep Support System

Now we had to find a way to measure everyone.  Through research we found an area that needed to be filled with support each night; we called it the “Sleep Triangle”.  Developing a tool to measure this “sleep triangle” and after testing put the results into charts for side and back sleepers.  Now everyone could select their size sleeping pillow from a chart. Afterall everyone selects shoe sizes, sock sizes and cloths from charts.

Over the last 25 years I have studied all modern sleep research and history research finding the first recorded perfect sleep was completed by the Chinese in developing the Emperor’s pillow that was used for over a thousand years.  This research proved that the head support is the only answer to receiving the healing support supplied by our brain each night while sleeping in body alignment with the brain.  Modern research has found that, during sleep the brain sends healing to all body organs.  Without sleep our organs start shutting down and we die. Sleeping correctly is necessary for a long life.  One researcher found even the simple house fly dies 3 weeks early.

Sleep is necessary for all life. 

The bed pillows are causing most sleep and natural health problems.





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