A Common-sense solution to getting a great sleep.

A Common-sense solution to getting a great sleep.

Doctors know all the science of sleep but no practical way to sleep.

During 25 years of studying sleep from the practical solution, I found the history on the first perfect sleep.   I found the Chinese Emperor’s Pillow, used for Centuries in Asia, China, Japan.

His head support proved the head support was the answer to perfect sleep.  The Emperors pillow was made in sizes to fit each person; expensive.

The Chinese masses received a bag filled with husk fibers, inexpensive and needed adjusting often nightly. (Modern bed pillows)

When the modern mattress or beds became popular, sleep problems started.  Hard head supports did not work with soft mattresses.

Today, due to solving one neck related sleep problem, a new sizing method was discovered that can be directly related to the Emperors pillow because of a size for everyone.

This pillow was unique in design, going against the common idea of a pillow, being square or rectangular.

Changing the design to a round roll design, it became possible to make sizes to fit and support individuals.  Each pillow had to conform to all mattresses and give proper head support to everyone.

The necessity of sizes was proven when a researcher found that the brain sends healing energy during sleep. Other science proved that the neck and head needed to be kept in alignment during sleep so the brain could send the necessary healing to all body parts.  Another researcher found that if we do not sleep our body parts start shutting down and we die.

While developing sizes, a method of measuring people was found.  After measuring thousands, charts were developed so everyone could select their personal size sleeping pillow.  Even back sleepers and side sleepers were included in the charts. (alignright.com/pages/sizing charts)

The secret to sleep is the head support.  The head weight is centred on the ear, so by placing the ear on the top of the pillow you receive proper support while the rest of the pillow conforms into your neck giving it support also.


Modern research on sleep is not wrong because they did not have any published research on pillows and what they were for. 

Definition of a pillow for sleeping:

“A pillow is to give head support while keeping the head and neck in alignment with the body”



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