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Perfect Sleep: Modernized

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Perfect Sleep: Modernized

The first perfect sleep was recorded almost 2,000 years ago when the Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep from his scholars.   They perfected a hard head support starting with wood and it slowly has been made in many hard materials like this porcelain head support.

Head support

Example of hard head support

For centuries the hard head support was the solution to perfect sleep.  Modern science has proven that perfect sleep leads to a healthy and long life.  Could this be the reason for so many Chinese and Japanese living into their 100’s.   Far more than any other culture in the world.

Could you sleep on this type of hard head support?

The hard head support worked perfectly because all Chinese and Japanese slept on wood platforms. This support had two flaws: first it had to be made for each person (from small to large) and it required adjusting weekly as the body developed; gained or lost weight.  This development proved that the head support was the solution to perfect sleep.

Today we sleep on mattresses requiring a head support that conforms to us and our mattress. We need a modern sleep device that was designed like the Emperor’s pillow giving good support to the head and neck while conforming to our chosen mattress.

The modern Align-Right Sleeping pillow compares directly to the hard head support for deep healing sleep?

Next: Analysing why the head support works.


Chiropractor Approved Pillow

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Your Align-Right pillow (in my opinion ) does its best work for back sleepers as it then can offer the best support and some corrective pressure to a cervical curve. It is quite adaptable to side lying as when it is properly sized it can support the head in neck in a neutral and aligned position. While not recommending stomach lying, the pillow is quite adaptable for those who cannot seem to sleep in any other position. Stomach sleepers can greatly reduce the stresses on both their cervical and lumbar spines by drawing up one of their legs which produces a side – front position . The pillow being much less bulky than a traditional pillow can then be hugged and positioned to stabilize the partially side – lying position and support the head in a much less rotated position than would be necessary in purely prone ( flat on stomach ) position.

All in all the design makes the Align-Right Pillow a very supportive pillow in almost any position.

R.C. Hollingsworth, D.C., Ontario

So you still have sleep problems?

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So you still have sleep problems?

You wake with headaches, still tired, sore neck, groggy, feel like you haven’t slept; maybe you haven’t.

Can't Sleep

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Can’t Sleep.

Take your time to think out the problem.

You went to bed with no headache, no sore neck, tired, wanting a good sleep; what happened?  Did you use your bed pillow; the square (rectangular) one. Did you mangle it into a support, fold it into a head support, did it slip away during sleep and you had to wake to reposition it?

That is the most common sleep problem people have.  They toss and turn 20-30 times a night and wake tired.  Stop this tossing and turning with a different design head support.

My wife Judy had this same problem and tried all shapes and types of pillows to solve her sleep problem; none solved her problem.  She decided to make her own design.

The first requirement of a head support is comfort and the second is the right size head support.  Her job as a chiropractic assistant allowed her understanding of head and neck support; so, she developed a round head support.  Even Medical doctors recommend sleeping on a rolled towel if you have a neck problem.

She sews, so she made a round roll to fit herself.   Then she tried many types of fillings from foam rolls, foam chips, batting, and combinations of them.   Finally finding a special fiberfill that if put in properly, it gave comfort and great head support; plus other health benefits.

The round roll stopped the tossing and turning, reduced the headaches, and she woke refreshed ready for the new day.  Then she made one for me.

Over time we developed a business; the Align-Right Sleeping Pillow.

If you have any problems; stop, look at the problem, and see where it came from, and look for a solution.   We did that with a major sleep problem; how do you measure people for a sized sleeping pillow?  Found the answer through research.

I used this idea to solve my personal health problem – sore knees; I was not walking properly.

You can solve your problems or find a product that solves your problem.  Your life revolves around you and only you can improve it.



Sleep problems have been increasing why?

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Sleep problems have been increasing why?

With the many pillows available worldwide there should be very few sleep problems but the opposite is true.

In 1998 CNN news announced that “Sleep is the #1 health problem, worldwide”.

Tracing sleep back to the first recorded perfect sleep I found the 1st Chinese Emperor’s pillow (a hard form with a hole for the ear) was his answer to getting a perfect sleep.

Head support

Example of hard head support

This hard head support served the affluent in China and Japan for centuries then came the Europeans with a mattress and now sleep problems started.

The hard head support would not work on soft surfaces.  Mattress manufactures started making a square product that could be used on their mattresses.  The modern bed pillows developed to enhance the mattress.

Today we understand the purpose of a pillow is to support the head weight while keeping the head in alignment with the body.  This is necessary as many researchers have proven that the brain controls all body parts when awake and heals all body parts during sleep.  Without sleep all body organs start shutting down. This study indicates that sleep is the most important part of life.  Without sleep we die!

Since mattresses started causing sleep problems we need a head support that works with all the varieties of mattresses.   The pillow must support the head weight and conform to each mattress.  The pillow must compress on both sides to give support and compress into the mattress as the body sinks.

There is only one shape that conforms on both sides; round.

Testing a round roll design for over 20 years, we found everyone was a different body structure with different sleep habits.  To accommodate everyone, we designed 5 sizes and developed charts for side and back sleepers.  We had developed;

5 Sizes Circles

We had the pillows tested on pain reduction and are now the only pillow in the world that can replace the Emperor’s Pillow as the modern Sleep Support.   The Align-Right Sleeping Pillows.

Get yours today.


Roll on Car

The Comfort Neck Roll

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This small roll is a remarkable travel pillow for neck pain. It is designed to give support to the cervical neck area while sitting filling the small curve of your neck/head area.  

The Align Right Pillow Comfort Neck Roll is 4 in. x 10 in (10 cm x 25.5 cm).   It provides soft, supportive comfort to the neck. The strap fastens around the car head rest and provides a safety feature to help prevent whiplash in the case of an accident.

– The Comfort Neck Roll designs provide soothing comfort on the road and in the home.  An absolute must as a travel neck pillow.

– Ideal for relieving neck, back and muscle stress or strain while driving, commuting or relaxing in an easy chair or to be used as an airplane pillow.

Marketplace did a study in 1998 on the importance of a headrest. Their research found a problem with the car head rests. There was a small 4” space open and unsupported between the neck and headrest. On an impact accident, neck injury could easily happen.

Using Car Roll Using Car Roll from back


  • convenient elastic strap to hold the roll in place on the vehicle headrest
  • properties of an orthopedic pillow to be used while sitting as a neck pillow or lumbar support cushion
  • You can adjust the filling by easily opening the zipper.  These rolls are a top rated best pillow for travelling to prevent for neck pain.
  • This healthy pillow roll is easy to compact into a small carry bag to take with you.
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Take the stress away with the Comfort Neck Roll from Align-Right Pillow.


“I drive 60,000 miles per year and use the Comfort Neck Roll in my car with great satisfaction.” John S.

“Would like to tell you that your Comfort Neck Roll cushioned by the neck when I was rear-ended by another car. As a result, I managed to avoid injury to my neck. Good work!! Peter M.

“Thanks for designed the Comfort Neck Roll but I think you should re-name it “The Mini Pillow” because I use it in the home more than in the car. It fits snugly at the back of my neck when I’m watching T.V. or reading as well as when I’m in the car. I plan on taking it with me for my next long dental appointment too, so I won’t be so uncomfortable in the semi-prone position on that slippery chair. I gave your sleeping pillow to my daughter for her birthday, to quote her she “just loves it.” Ginny Q.

How a pillow effects high blood pressure.

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How a pillow effects high blood pressure.

To understand I had to study many doctoral studies.
• In “Brain Basics” I found that the brain requires 20% of all blood flow and uses 50% of the oxygen in the blood; day and night.
• Another study showed blood flowing to and from the brain through the neck area.
• Chiropractic studies show the energy flowing to and from the brain through the neck.
• Massage therapist stress muscle tension in neck area can restrict blood flow.
• Studying heart blood flow indicates that a restriction of blood flow in causes the heart to pump harder as does a restriction on the outflow.
Blood Flow to Brain
In analyzing these studies all together, you see that the brain in requiring a steady blood flow would cause the heart to beat harder and faster to get the necessary blood and oxygen if a restriction occurs. How can it increase blood pressure during sleep?

Another Resource: https://www.senioradvisor.com/blog/2017/08/is-high-blood-pressure-causing-your-parents-memory-problems/.

1. If we are sleeping the blood pressure should drop; how could it increase?
2. What could cause a restriction in blood flow at night?
3. What happens when we sleep?

The only common factor is the pillows we use for sleeping.
We use pillows to support our head weight, allowing the neck muscles to relax, reducing stress and allowing the brain to get its required blood flow.

a. Are pillows designed to give us proper support or do we mold them to fit.
b. We all sleep differently, on side or back with some stomach sleeping.
c. Everyone is unique in body structures, tall, short, wide, or skinny, long, or short necks,
d. All use different beds or mattresses. (How mattresses affect sleep is another topic.)

A. Is it possible to measure everyone for a sleeping pillow?
B. What shape would the pillow have to be to give proper support?
C. How to design sizes to fit all sleep positions and body structures?

It took many years to perfect a round roll design in sizes to fit everyone and several more to invent a way to measure everyone. The round design is the only shape that can conform equally on both sides when a weight is applied.
5 Sizes Circles

A sized round pillow gives pooper support to the head while keeping the neck in alignment ensuring proper blood flow to the brain during sleep therefore not increasing blood pressure.

Therapeutic Sleeping Pillows

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Is there a true Therapeutic Sleeping Pillow?

As we developed our round sleeping pillows, we had them tested on pain reduction because we wanted to get creditability as a therapeutic pillow like all the others claiming to be therapeutic.

See our test results: http://www.alignright.com/clinical-testing-on-pain-reduction/

As the test results ended, the college wanted to compare their study to all others.  They searched worldwide and found NONE.  No pillows were ever tested on pain reduction in the world.  Ours was the first and is still the only pillows that could be classified as a truly therapeutic sleeping pillow.

5 Sizes to fit and support all body structures on all surfaces and sleep positions

We questioned why they could call their pillows “Therapeutic” and the answer was “they are Therapeutic in design”.

This was an eye opener; if they don’t test pillows what else don’t they test!!!

Sadly, I have found there is very little true testing of almost everything today.

In the sleep field;

Sleep Apnea has been made to sound like it is a large sleep problem requiring an air machine to solve it.

A funny find during my studies, is about a Marketing Firm in California who was asked to develop a way to sell an air machine.  The inventor solved an overweight Japanese person sleep problem.   He snored badly and would stop breathing often then restart, scaring others.  The smart marketing firm came up with the term “Sleep Apnea”.

Being in America and looking for more ways to make money; the medical profession jumped on this idea of “Sleep Apnea”.

Now according to the medical professional association; almost 30% of the world population have “Sleep Apnea”.

WOW, what marketing, as everyone believes the medical profession.

Just a small example of testing not required; just market like it has been.

Another sad note is now the insurance companies are putting “Sleep Apnea” in their exclusion clauses.


Chiropractic and Alignment

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Chiropractic and Alignment:

The Chiropractic philosophy links body alignment to body healing.

Stressing body alignment allowing the body to heal itself is a correct method to natural healing.  Many studies show this to be a fact but how and when could the body heal itself?

To answer this question, I had to study outside the chiropractic field.  Since I was studying sleep I came upon the answer.  History proved that the head support was the answer to sleep; Emperor’s Pillow.

This hard head support worked on hard surfaces but now we use mattresses.  A soft but supportive pillow is the answer to modern sleep.

How and when the body heals was found by a researcher by keeping large animals awake until they died; then autopsied them. During the autopsy, he found they all died from multiple organ failures.  This study indicates that the body receives healing during sleep.

Brain studies showed the brain checks and sends help to all body organs while sleeping through electrical connection through the neck.

Since the brain is connected through the neck area, the neck must be kept in alignment with the body long enough for the brain to check if an organ needs help and time to send help.

If the brain loses connection to the body, it would be like a hose that is kinked shutting off the flow.   Removing the kink restores the flow; chiropractic adjustment.

Restricting Blood Flow

Chiropractic is the natural way to heal and to complete the philosophy they require a pillow that aligns the body during sleep.

The Align-Right Pillows are designed to keep the head and neck in alignment.  Over 20 years they designed 5 sizes of pillows to fit and support all body structures, in all sleep positions and on all mattresses.

 5 Sizes Circles

They found a way to measure the “Sleep Triangle” that needs to be filled correctly each night and have put that information into easy to read charts for side and back sleepers.



Chiropractic keeps the whole body in alignment and the right size sleeping pillow keeps the neck in alignment during sleep.  Working together they are the true natural healers.


Why do we sleep

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Why do we sleep?


To put it simply “We die without sleep”!


This was discovered by a research doctor who kept animals from sleeping for 6 – 30 months.  His study was trying to make another point, “Lack of sleep won’t harm you”, so he phrased the result stating;

“Lack of sleep did not kill the animals; they all died of organ failure”!

His test proved; Lack of sleep kills!


Here are his words from Scientific American.com: Ask the Experts: Biology: (on the internet)

“Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominate disease that is invariably fatal after about 6-30 months without sleep.  FFI is probably misnamed because death results from multiple organ failure rather than sleep deprivation.”


Can you believe it: If by withholding sleep, death resulted from organ failure, then sleep is necessary for the health of our organs without which we die!

The secret to sleep was found about 2,000 years ago.  The first Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep and the solution was the head support.   This first head support (we call pillows) was made of wood, shaped to his head with a hole for his ear.  This head support became known as the “Emperors Pillow”.  Only the well off Chinese could afford this pillow because it had to be made for each individual and had to be adjusted weekly or monthly as the body changed.  This hard pillow was used in all Asia countries for many generations and could be the reason why there are more Asians over 100 years old than any other countries.  Many still in use today.

Modern society could not sleep on this hard head support as we all sleep on soft mattresses for our body comfort.  This perfect head support proved the solution to sleep is in the custom fitting head support; pillow.

There are many modern pillows today but all fall short in design and function to solve the modern sleep problems.  To solve this problem, it took determination and many years of study to understand why a round roll designed head support could solve the sleep problem.  A round form fits the body structure, conforming to our head and neck area, while giving comfortable head support.

The first problem was making sizes for all body structures.  Developing 5 sizes forming a Sleep Support System.

Now the major problem; how to measure everyone for a sleeping pillow?   Many years and more studies we found “The Sleep Triangle”; the area that must be supported properly for a good deep sleep.   Developing a measuring device, testing it on thousands and finally putting the results into charts for side and back sleepers.

We now help thousands reach the deep sleep level where the body receives healing each night.   We need a good sleep nightly to stay healthy.


You have a pillow problem

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You have a pillow problem;

  • If you are tired when you wake.
  • Waking with a neck pain
  • You don’t feel rested
  • Fighting your pillow for support

Normal health problems can be related to the improper pillow.

The first perfect sleep was recorded when the Chinese Emperor demanded a solution to his sleep problem.

The answer was a hard block with a hole for the ear, shaped to fit and support his head while keeping the head in alignment with his body.  Everyone slept on hard surfaces.

The scholars understood that the brain controlled all body parts by communicating through the neck area.  (Chinese history)

Therefore, keeping the neck in alignment with the body was the solution.

Modern science has proven that the body receives healing to all organs during sleep.

A proper head support must support the head weight while keeping the head in alignment with the body during sleep.  (Modern people use soft mattresses.)

Just like the Emperor who needed a head support made for him, you need a head support made to fit you.

The modern head support must be sized to fit and support you in your specific way of sleeping on your specific bed.

Side Sleeping  Back Sleeping

We named our company for what our design of a pillow did for you.

The Align-Right Pillow does what it says; aligns your head with your body giving a deep restful sleep.

Check out our firsts in sleep research and pillow development;

  • First pillow ever tested on pain reduction.
  • First to develop sizes to fit and support all sleep positions.
  • First to measure the ‘Sleep Triangle” which must be filled for head support.
  • First to develop charts for side and back sleepers.
  • First pillow that can be traced to replace the Emperor’s hard pillow.

“Universal Sleep Support System.” 5 sizes to fit you.

5 Sizes Circles

Pick your size from our charts and get a great deep sleep.