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Mark Del Cantero, DC

Professional Testimonial

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We receive these Professional Testimonials many times each month.

I thought you might want to read this one.


Dr. Mark Del Cantero                                                     Feb 6, 2018

“We have been recommending the A-R pillows for more than 10 years. Speaking personally, it is the only pillow that I can get a good night’s sleep with and eliminates my tossing and turning. Speaking for my patients, their discovery of the A-R pillow and it’s benefits is like a child discovering a bicycle for the first time, they receive the freedom of a good nights’ sleep and a pain-free neck sometimes for the first time ever. I highly recommend the A-R pillow to anyone who wants to support the proper cervical curve while they sleep.” (Dr. Mark)


201 Wilson St. E., Ancaster, ON


Discover your freedom of a good sleep with your size sleeping pillow.

You can sleep on the ground if you have a sized sleeping pillow.

RELAX - neck and shoulder muscles RELIEVES - tension/pressure around the neck REDUCES - stress on the spine


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Our working at a desk or on a computer forces us to use our neck muscles supporting our head in many overstretched positions causing tightness and pain.  After a long day, we need to stretch and relax our neck muscles and to do that you need a round object.  The Align-Right Sleeping pillows are round and sized to help you get the necessary stretching you require for your size body structure.  Many times you dont get the time to stretch during your waking day so it is nice to stretch and relax when going to sleep. Each size pillow is designed to;

RELAX  – neck and shoulder muscles

RELIEVES – tension/pressure around the neck

REDUCES – stress on the spine

When you are relaxed and tension is relieved you find you can now get a good deep sleep and feel great in the morning.

best pillow recommended by Dr. Don Leck, Chiropractor

Best Pillow Recommended by Chiropractor

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Dr. Leck said this is the Best Pillow!

“We have recommended the Align-Right Pillow for a number of years to numerous individuals.  They have all been pleased with the comfort and support that it provides both in the side and supine (back) postures. Although it doesn’t look like a “pillow” it gets the job done, effectively.”

Dr. Don Leck, Doctor of Chiropractic, Family Wellness Chiropractic, North York/Toronto, www.drleck.com

Please find Dr. Leck’s location at our “Find a Retailer” page.

Finally Sleeping

Sleep: a basic necessity of life

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A researcher proved this in a roundabout way as he/she was trying to prove lack of sleep won’t kill you. He kept animals awake until they died, then autopsied them. His results stated:

“Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominant disease that is invariably fatal after 6-30 months without sleep. FFI is probably misnamed because Death resulted from multiple organ failures rather than sleep deprivation.”

Finally Sleeping

Finally Sleeping when you are dead

If by withholding sleep, death resulted from organ failure, then sleep is necessary for the health of our organs without which we die! We are human animals. This research proved most of my observations on sleep over the last 25 years. Sleep is most important for our health and affects all our everyday activities.

Modern research is proving this weekly.

Jeff Stibel, Special to USA TODAY Published 4:00 a.m. ET Dec. 22, 2017

From our health, family problems, work problems and how we deal with living, all are affected by how well we sleep not by how long.  Some researchers are proving if you sleep too long, is not healthy.

There is only one common factor in sleeping; your pillow.  It needs to fit and support your body structure in your preferred sleep position on your chosen bed.

Did you know BED pillows are very unhealthy?

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Did you know BED pillows are very unhealthy?  Research has proven that BED pillows are carriers of diseases.

Not just Dust Mites.  Below is a research in 2005 by researchers at the University of Manchester.

Fungal bacteria found in bed pillows

Aspergillus fumigatus

Pillows: A Hot Bed Of Fungal Spores

ScienceDaily (Oct. 15, 2005) — Researchers at The University of Manchester funded by the Fungal Research Trust have discovered millions of fungal spores right under our noses — in our pillows.

Aspergillus fumigatus, the species most commonly found in the pillows, is most likely to cause disease; and the resulting condition Aspergillosis has become the leading infectious cause of death in leukaemia and bone marrow transplant patients. Fungi also exacerbate asthma in adults.

The researchers dissected both feather and synthetic samples and identified several thousand spores of fungus per gram of used pillow – more than a million spores per pillow.

Fungal contamination of bedding was first studied in 1936, but there have been no reports in the last seventy years. For this new study, which was published online today in the scientific journal Allergy, the team studied samples from ten pillows with between 1.5 and 20 years of regular use.

Each pillow was found to contain a substantial fungal load, with four to 16 different species being identified per sample and even higher numbers found in synthetic pillows. The microscopic fungus Aspergillus fumigatus was particularly evident in synthetic pillows, and fungi as diverse as bread and vine moulds and those usually found on damp walls and in showers were also found.

Professor Ashley Woodcock who led the research said: “We know that pillows are inhabited by the house dust mite which eats fungi, and one theory is that the fungi are in turn using the house dust mites’ faeces as a major source of nitrogen and nutrition (along with human skin scales). There could therefore be a ‘miniature ecosystem’ at work inside our pillows.”

Aspergillus is a very common fungus, carried in the air as well as being found in cellars, household plant pots, compost, computers and ground pepper and spices. Invasive Aspergillosis occurs mainly in the lungs and sinuses, although it can spread to other organs such as the brain, and is becoming increasingly common across other patient groups. It is very difficult to treat, and as many as 1 in 25 patients who die in modern European teaching hospitals have the disease.

Immuno-compromised patients such as transplantation, AIDS and steroid treatment patients are also frequently affected with life-threatening Aspergillus pneumonia and sinusitis. Fortunately, hospital pillows have plastic covers and so are unlikely to cause problems, but patients being discharged home – where pillows may be old and fungus-infected – could be at risk of infection.

Aspergillus can also worsen asthma, particularly in adults who have had asthma for many years, and cause allergic sinusitis in patients with allergic tendencies. Constant exposure to fungus in bed could be problematic. It can also get into the lung cavities created by tuberculosis which affects a third of the world’s population, causing general ill-health and bleeding in the lung, as well as causing a range of plant and animal diseases.

Dr Geoffrey Scott, Chairman of the Fungal Research Trust which funded the study, said: “These new findings are potentially of major significance to people with allergic diseases of the lungs and damaged immune systems – especially those being sent home from hospital.”

Professor Ashley Woodcock added: “Since patients spend a third of their life sleeping and breathing close to a potentially large and varied source of fungi, these findings certainly have important implications for patients with respiratory disease – especially asthma and sinusitis.”

Another reason the common bed pillow should be avoided.

The round pillow does not collect skin particles because of its design therefore would not develop fungal bacteria.  Also the maintenance procedure ensures no dust mite or fungal buildup possible.

Just good deep sleep.

Align-Right therapeutic pillow

Good Night’s Sleep = Overall Good Health

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A good pillow is important!  Nothing starts the day off better than getting a good night’s sleep. Sleep is the most important aspect of overall health.  Both body and mind rest and refresh while sleeping.  Pillows have a remarkable effect on the quality of sleep.  People spend a third of their life in bed, so it is important to have a supportive pillow.  Having a supportive pillow ensures the neck rests in a neutral position during sleep.  This is important as it stops straining of the muscles during sleep.  The better the sleep, the more recharged a person is to handle the day.  The right pillow can do a lot of good for the body, mind and soul.  The wrong pillow can make headaches worse, cause neck and back pain, and cause numbness in the arms and hands.

Align-Right Sleeping Pillow is called for what it does – it ‘aligns your body’

When you don’t sleep

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When you don’t sleep.

This is the latest news article on what happens.

Here’s why sleep deprivation is toxic and will eventually kill you

Jeff Stibel, Special to USA TODAY Published 4:00 a.m. ET Dec. 22, 2017

You can live for about three minutes without air, three days without water and about 21 days without food. But in between food and water, there is something else critically essential: sleep.

It turns out you can only live about 11 days without sleep. You can give it a try if you don’t believe me, but, just like the other essentials, after day 11 you will probably die.

Sleep is one of the most important things we overlook because most of us don’t consider it vital. The problem isn’t you — it’s your brain. Brain scientists really don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to sleep. For far too long, we have known too little about why we sleep. Instead of acknowledging that fact, scientists have made up fairy tales to explain our need for sleep. They have guessed that sleep is necessary for creativity, rest, rejuvenation and recovery.

There are hints of truth to all of those explanations, but they don’t give us the whole picture. It must be far more important to our survival given how dangerous it is to be asleep. Before we evolved into social animals with a knack for creating shelters, humans were at huge risk in the wild. Falling unconscious is the last thing a sapient Homo sapien would do to survive unless sleep is really, really important. There are safer ways to rest than unconsciousness. And Picasso aside, creativity just isn’t a primal survival tool.

This is the link to the full article.


This article relates to what I just blogged about.

Do you think Sleep is not important to you?




Do you think Sleep is not important to you?

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Read this research about keeping animals awake until they died, and what his autopsy proved.

Here are his words from Scientific American.com: Ask the Experts: Biology: (on the internet)

“Another rare disorder, Fatal Familial Insomnia (FFI), is an autosomal dominant disease that is invariably fatal after about 6-30 months without sleep. FFI is probably misnamed because;

death results from multiple organ failures rather than sleep deprivation.”

We are all animals.  When our organs start shutting down, we develop symptoms and we run to a medical doctor for help.  The medical help is received to overcome the symptoms but can not heal you.   Healing comes from within you because your brain has the healing power for your specific needs; as each person is very unique.

The brains only time to heal is during sleep.

Other research has proven that you must keep the head (brain) supported in alignment with the body during sleep allowing complete communication with the body. That is what a pillow is for!

You require a head support, sized for your body structure, your height, your specific way you sleep on your chosen mattress.  Size is important.

Check out the Align-Right Sleeping Pillows.  5 sizes to fit you.  alignright.com

Perfect Sleep: Modernized

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Perfect Sleep: Modernized

The first perfect sleep was recorded almost 2,000 years ago when the Chinese Emperor demanded perfect sleep from his scholars.   They perfected a hard head support starting with wood and it slowly has been made in many hard materials like this porcelain head support.

Head support

Example of hard head support

For centuries the hard head support was the solution to perfect sleep.  Modern science has proven that perfect sleep leads to a healthy and long life.  Could this be the reason for so many Chinese and Japanese living into their 100’s.   Far more than any other culture in the world.

Could you sleep on this type of hard head support?

The hard head support worked perfectly because all Chinese and Japanese slept on wood platforms. This support had two flaws: first it had to be made for each person (from small to large) and it required adjusting weekly as the body developed; gained or lost weight.  This development proved that the head support was the solution to perfect sleep.

Today we sleep on mattresses requiring a head support that conforms to us and our mattress. We need a modern sleep device that was designed like the Emperor’s pillow giving good support to the head and neck while conforming to our chosen mattress.

The modern Align-Right Sleeping pillow compares directly to the hard head support for deep healing sleep?

Next: Analysing why the head support works.


Chiropractor approved align-right pillow

Chiropractor Approved Pillow

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Your Align-Right pillow (in my opinion ) does its best work for back sleepers as it then can offer the best support and some corrective pressure to a cervical curve. It is quite adaptable to side lying as when it is properly sized it can support the head in neck in a neutral and aligned position. While not recommending stomach lying, the pillow is quite adaptable for those who cannot seem to sleep in any other position. Stomach sleepers can greatly reduce the stresses on both their cervical and lumbar spines by drawing up one of their legs which produces a side – front position . The pillow being much less bulky than a traditional pillow can then be hugged and positioned to stabilize the partially side – lying position and support the head in a much less rotated position than would be necessary in purely prone ( flat on stomach ) position.

All in all the design makes the Align-Right Pillow a very supportive pillow in almost any position.

R.C. Hollingsworth, D.C., Ontario