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best pillow recommended by Dr. Don Leck, Chiropractor

Best Pillow Recommended by Chiropractor

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Dr. Leck said this is the Best Pillow!

“We have recommended the Align-Right Pillow for a number of years to numerous individuals.  They have all been pleased with the comfort and support that it provides both in the side and supine (back) postures. Although it doesn’t look like a “pillow” it gets the job done, effectively.”

Dr. Don Leck, Doctor of Chiropractic, Family Wellness Chiropractic, North York/Toronto, www.drleck.com

Please find Dr. Leck’s location at our “Find a Retailer” page.

No Dust Mites

Keep your Align-Right Pillow allergy free – eliminate mites.

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Keep your Align-Right Pillow allergy free – eliminate mites
1. Totally wash the pillow 2. Dry in hot dryer 20 minutes. …. a hot dryer is 130 deg.Fahrenheit (54 deg. Celsius), will eliminate dust mites. 
Freeze A-R Pillow. A method for those who have two A-R pillows.
1. Place in a large plastic bag. Remove oxygen, making it as small as possible. 
2. Place in the freezer 48 hours. 
This is a good method to remove dust mites from un-washables – stuffed animals, throw and down pillows.

see our care instructions at www.alignright.com

Roll on Car

The Comfort Neck Roll

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This small roll is a remarkable travel pillow for neck pain. It is designed to give support to the cervical neck area while sitting filling the small curve of your neck/head area.  

The Align Right Pillow Comfort Neck Roll is 4 in. x 10 in (10 cm x 25.5 cm).   It provides soft, supportive comfort to the neck. The strap fastens around the car head rest and provides a safety feature to help prevent whiplash in the case of an accident.

– The Comfort Neck Roll designs provide soothing comfort on the road and in the home.  An absolute must as a travel neck pillow.

– Ideal for relieving neck, back and muscle stress or strain while driving, commuting or relaxing in an easy chair or to be used as an airplane pillow.

Marketplace did a study in 1998 on the importance of a headrest. Their research found a problem with the car head rests. There was a small 4” space open and unsupported between the neck and headrest. On an impact accident, neck injury could easily happen.

Using Car Roll Using Car Roll from back


  • convenient elastic strap to hold the roll in place on the vehicle headrest
  • properties of an orthopedic pillow to be used while sitting as a neck pillow or lumbar support cushion
  • You can adjust the filling by easily opening the zipper.  These rolls are a top rated best pillow for travelling to prevent for neck pain.
  • This healthy pillow roll is easy to compact into a small carry bag to take with you.
  • Machine wash and dry
  • Take the stress away with the Comfort Neck Roll from Align-Right Pillow.


“I drive 60,000 miles per year and use the Comfort Neck Roll in my car with great satisfaction.” John S.

“Would like to tell you that your Comfort Neck Roll cushioned by the neck when I was rear-ended by another car. As a result, I managed to avoid injury to my neck. Good work!! Peter M.

“Thanks for designed the Comfort Neck Roll but I think you should re-name it “The Mini Pillow” because I use it in the home more than in the car. It fits snugly at the back of my neck when I’m watching T.V. or reading as well as when I’m in the car. I plan on taking it with me for my next long dental appointment too, so I won’t be so uncomfortable in the semi-prone position on that slippery chair. I gave your sleeping pillow to my daughter for her birthday, to quote her she “just loves it.” Ginny Q.