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A Universal Sleep Support System

By April 2, 2017Sleep

The Align-Right Pillow Company has developed;

5 Sizes Circles

A sleep support system is required to give all people a true head support.

Why does everyone require a sized sleeping pillow?

Centuries ago the head support was proven to be the answer to perfect sleep.

Since mattresses were invented sleep problems have been increasing due to the head supports that were available not conforming to the type of mattress used.   Most pillows are bed shape pillows in square or rectangle shape with many foam shapes and designs trying to fill the head support.  Since all humans don’t have square heads the square pillows cannot give proper support. There is only one shape that conforms equally on both sides; round.

Looking at the body you find all parts are curves of circles therefore a round head support can fit and support the head and neck. Ancient studies prove the connection of the body to the brain is the answer to good sleep and good health.   Today the modern head support must be round but in sizes to fit the different body structures and the chosen mattress.  But how can a person get a size that fits them?

Through research Align-Right found a way to measure body structure and put those measurements into charts for side and back sleepers.

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